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Centre Feed Rolls Blue (Pack of 6)

Great for use in kitchens or bathrooms, this Centre Feed Roll dispenses 2ply paper towel that can be used for a variety of tasks such as hand drying or cleaning. Suitable for use with standard centre feed...

Centre Feed Rolls White (Pack of 6)

Ideal for cleaning or as a hand towel, this multipurpose Centre Feed Roll is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. This roll fits standard size centre feed dispensers.

C-Fold Paper Towels White (15 Packs of 153 Sheets)

These disposable C-Fold Paper Towels are suitable for use with standard c-fold dispensers. They are strong enough to provide a comfortable hand dry and come pre-folded for ease of dispensing.

Maxima Green Toilet Tissue White (36 Packs of 250)

100% recycled, the Maxima Green Toilet Tissue provides an environmentally friendly option for your bathroom. The 2ply sheets are suitable for use in toilet paper feed dispensers.

Mini Centre Feed Rolls White (Pack of 12)

Ideal for use in centre feed dispensers, the 130m Mini Centre Feed Roll is a convenient solution for commercial kitchens and toilets.

Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls 2.25 Inch (Pack of 12)

The Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls are suitable for use in commercial environments, such as office, school and pub toilets. Designed for use with smaller toilet roll dispensers, these 2ply rolls offer excellent...

Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls 3 Inch (Pack of 12)

Suitable for use with industrial toilet roll dispensers, the Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls are ideal for use in commercial environments such as workplaces, pubs and schools.