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Shop Vac Shop Vac 10L Collection Bags (5 Pack)

This set of disposable dust-collecting bags is ideal for all ShopVac 10L vacuum cleaners. These collection bags are made from cotton with a cardboard frame.

Shop Vac Shop Vac 16L Paper Collection Bags (5 Packs)

Suitable for use with all 16L Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaners.

Shop Vac Shop Vac 20/30L Collection Bags (5 Pack)

Collection bags for 20/30 L models.

Shop Vac Shop Vac 32mm Micro Cleaning Kit

The kit consists of two plastic extension tubes, 2 brushes and one crevice nozzle.

Shop Vac Shop Vac 60/80L Filter Bags (2 Pack)

Suitable for use with all 60/80L Shop Vac Vacuum Cleaners

Shop Vac Shop Vac Cartridge Filter

Suitable for all Shop Vac products except Ash Vac and Micro models.

Shop Vac Shop Vac Clean Stream HEPA Cartridge Filter

Shop-Vac® CleanStream® Gore® HEPA Cartridge Filter is the ultimate filter for wet and dry pick up*. It is made of HEPA material which maintains suction power even when used with fine debris...

Shop Vac Shop Vac Collection Bags For Micro 4 (5 Pack)

These collection bags are for use with the Shop Vac Micro 4.

Shop Vac Shop Vac Disposable Filter Bags for 3.5 Gallon Wall Mount Vacs (3 Pack)

Easy to use and install, these Shop-Vac® disposable filter bags come in a package of three and can be used for your everyday pick up needs of dirt and debris. Fits standard 3-1/2 Gallon* wall mount...

Shop Vac Shop Vac Dry Disc Filter

These Filters are suitable for all Shop Vac products.

Shop Vac Shop Vac Foam Sleeve

Use the Shop-Vac® Foam Sleeve for picking up wet messes when used alone. The Foam Sleeve is also required when using reusable dry filters. The approximate size of the foam sleeve is 8 inch diameter...

Shop Vac Shop Vac Foam Sleeve for Micro Models

Use the Shop-Vac® Micro® Foam Sleeve for picking up wet messes when used alone. Also use it with a disposable filter bag when picking up dry messes.Suitable for Micro models except Micro 4.