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Area LED ceiling lamp in black

Black Area LED ceiling lamp with rectangular shapes The black LED ceiling light area is an interior design element that is characterised by linear shapes. This makes it perfect for anyone who likes a clear...

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Area LED pendant light in aluminium

Aluminium-coloured Area LED hanging light in a linear style The Area hanging light with an aluminium finish captivates with its geometric, linear shapes. It is suitable for people who like a clear, contemporary...

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Caos - small LED ceiling lamp in black

Delicate LED ceiling light Caos in stylish design The tiny LED ceiling light Caos is completely painted and embossed (embossed with structure) in black. It is made of iron and aluminium, and because of...

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Casing for brick wall for RWL Artaferne

Casing for recessed wall light Artaferne With this casing, it is possible to install the recessed wall light Artaferne even into solid brick walls.

Casing for brick wall for wall light Teatrino

Casing for recessed wall light Teatrino With the casing, it is possible to install the recessed wall light Teatrino even into solid brick walls.

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Casing for brick walls for recessed wall light Ala

Casing for recessed wall light Ala With the casing, it is possible to install the LED recessed wall light Ala also in solid brick walls.

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Cheerful hanging light Lito w. concrete lampshade

Slightly rounded hanging light Lito with fabric cable cover The visual appearance of the hanging light Lito is characterised mainly by the cheerfully designed lampshade. This is made of concrete and is...

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Decorative designer LED pendant light Lafra

Gold-coloured designer pendant light Lafra with 7 LEDs Lafra is an LED pendant light which grabs attention even when its the switched off. Seven oval, gold-coloured metal elements are arranged in a circle...

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Decorative table lamp BLOB

Solid table lamp BLOB with hand-blown glass lampshade The table lamp BLOB comes in a subtle and timeless white, which suits many interior styles. BLOB continues to impress with a bright and youthful design...

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Delicate LED pendant light Caos

Modernly designed LED hanging light Caos in black Caos is a hanging light with a suspension that has a very abstract and modern effect due to the rigid, curved iron pipe. It is 61 cm long and so makes...

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Elegant hanging light BLOB

Elegant and unusual - the hanging light BLOB The unusual drop shape of the hanging light BLOB is particularly evident on the lampshade: This is made of white glass, which is hand-blown, making every model...

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Elegant Wall light BLOB

Simple yet extravagant - wall light BLOB Made from hand-blown glass and a metal bracket, the wall light Blob is highly pretty. The white glass lampshade is shaped like a drop of water, which looks elegant...

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Hanging light Madama with wood details

Decorated with ornamental cherry wood hanging light Madama The elongated wood element of the Madama hanging light creates a great contrast to the white lampshade. It is made of classy cherry wood and forms...

Honey Transparent LED pendant light

Clear LED pendant light Honey Transparent with borosilicate glass lampshade The lighting is very effective due to the arched lampshade of the Honey Transparent LED pendant light, which is made of hand-blown...

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Jugen brass table lamp with black base

Compact table lamp with a black and brass-coloured base The design of the Jugen table lamp remains true to the basic features of the entire series. The frame consists of a base and a round brass pole and...

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Jugen one-bulb wall light

An attractive dash of colour - the Jugen wall light The elegant Jugen wall light from the Miloox series of the same name impresses with its simple elegance. The wall mount is round and made of solid brass....

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Lady Lamoi LED pendant light in chrome

Chrome-plated Lady Lamoi LED hanging light for fantastic lighting The Lady Lamoi LED hanging light captivates with its tulip-shaped lampshade, which has been produced in an elaborate process. It consists...

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Lafra - an LED pendant light like a mandala

Lafra - a large designer hanging light with 54 LEDs The circular and flat-shaped hanging light Lafra, with a diameter of 95 cm, has an impressive appearance designed to look like a mandala. The circular...

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Lafra - LED wall light and decorative element

Lafra - LED wall light and wall decoration in one The gold-coloured wall light Lafra is not just a wall light, but simultaneously a decorative wall piece. It is formed by many oval-shaped pieces of gold-coloured...

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Lamoi - a bright LED designer hanging light

Striking designer hanging light Lamoi with 99 LEDs The bright light of the designer hanging light Lamoi brings liveliness into the rooms of private apartments or even in various areas of hotels, catering...

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LED ceiling light Debra Rettangolo in white

Timelessly beautifully designed LED ceiling light Debra Rettangolo The LED ceiling light Debra Rettangolo gets its special look from the deliberately uneven lines of the square frame. They are partly skewed...

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Lively recessed wall light Artaferne

Artaferne - a lively recessed wall light made of white plaster Equipped with a suitable G9 light bulb up to 60 Watts, the chic recessed wall light Artaferne achieves an atmospheric lighting effect. This...

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Triquadro piccola - a designer wall light

Triquadro piccola - a designer wall light with corners and edges Triquadro piccola - the name alone is enough to describe the design of the angular appearance of this designer wall light. Appearing like...

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White LED ceiling lamp Debra Rettangolo 65 cm

Debra Rettangolo - a timelessly beautiful LED ceiling lamp The appearance of the LED ceiling lamp Debra Rettanglo is modern and abstract appearance, due to the uneven shape of the light-slits. The lamp...

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