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14-light LED hanging light Rocio in chrome finish

Exclusive LED hanging light Rocio with fourteen lampshades The LED hanging light Ricio with its fourteen oval glass lampshades is not merely a light but also a floating interior lighting sculpture. They...

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15-light chandelier Minerva

The chandelier Minerva – positive extravagance in its purest form With 15 light sources, Minerva is a highlight in the room. But that's not all: The elegantly crafted metal chains, with which this chandelier...

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1-light LED hanging light Rocio in gold finish

Oval LED hanging light Rocio in gold glass look The LED hanging light Rocio made of glass in a perfect, soft oval shape. Inside the glass shade are golden drops. The optical effect is created by the air...

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3-bulb LED hanging light Rocio in chrome

Elegant design: Rocio hanging light with glossy chrome details The small glass lampshades are the highlight of the Rocio hanging light, which is powered by built-in LEDs. The three lampshades can be hung...

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4-bulb Fox hanging light with double lampshades

Four-bulb Fox hanging light in chocolate brown with clear glass The combination of chocolate brown metal and clear glass results in the special appearance of this four-bulb Fox hanging light. It is an...

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5-light, gold-coloured LED hanging light Rocio

Elegant LED hanging light Rocio The LED hanging light Rocio is a real highlight in every living room due to its design. The glass shades, which resemble raindrops create the sparkling light that is reflected...

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60 cm tall, golden table lamp Terra

60 cm tall Terra table lamp – entirely in gold When placed on a side table or stool, the 60 cm tall Terra table lamp – which comes all in gold – represents a real gem, and provides cosy additional...

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6-light, crystal hanging light Mercury II

Hanging light Mercury II with decorative crystal drops and crystal balls White fabric lampshades, which provide cosy light when the light is turned on, are mounted on the curved arms of the hanging light...

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Andrómeda LED ceiling light with hanging elements

Richly decorated Andrómeda LED ceiling light A vinyl lampshade surrounded by a chrome-plated, die-cut metal lattice - that is the Andrómeda LED ceiling light. On the inside, the lampshade is decorated...

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Appealing ceiling light Quios

Quios - a modern ceiling light with striking lighting effect A unique feature is not only the design of this eye-catching ceiling light Quios, but also its lighting effect. While the lampshade is closed...

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Argos LED pendant lamp with crystal teardrops

The glass lampshade of the Argos LED hanging light is adorned by crystal teardrops A ring of transparent brown glass, which is covered in a chrome finish, forms the lampshade of the Argos LED hanging light....

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Argos LED table lamp

Argos - an LED table lamp with a special design The Argos LED table lamp brings sparkling lighting and breath-taking glamour into your home, where it will be an eye-catching feature and a decorative interior...

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Arian glass hanging light, 1-bulb

Arian – a brilliant hanging light with a glass lampshade The metallised glass lampshade of the Arian hanging light is adorned by clear crystal elements on the inside. These give it a unique appearance...

Arian glass hanging light, 5-bulb

Arian - a sparkling hanging light with five glass lampshades The five glass lampshades of the Arian hanging light guarantee brilliant lighting and an unusual appearance thanks to the crystal elements on...

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Arian glass wall light

Splendidly decorated Arian wall light The Arian wall light gets its unique and decorative effect from the crystal elements inside the metallised glass lampshade. The colour of the lampshade changes when...

Brilliant LED floor lamp Cosmo with acrylic tubes

Fascinating Cosmo LED floor lamp The light body of the Cosmo LED floor lamp is made up of two clear acrylic tubes with a bubble effect within. These tubes sit on two chrome-plated metal tubes, which overlap...

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Caelum - splendid LED ceiling light

Caelum - LED ceiling light with a star effect The Caelum LED ceiling light shimmers and sparkles on the ceiling. The lampshade is made of silver mirrored glass and features decoration that is reminiscent...

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Ceiling light Saten made of crystals, 56 cm

The ceiling light Saten – a mosaic of light Saten impresses with its exceptional and elegant form, as well as by the way it emits light into the room. Consisting of a corrugated metal grid that spreads...

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Contemporary hanging light Quios in white

Special hanging light Quios with a great lampshade The fancy design of the external lampshade makes the hanging light Quios an eye-catcher in the room. The lampshade consists of many square, white plastic...

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Cosmo LED table lamp

Cosmo LED table lamp with a lovely effect The light bodies on this splendid Cosmo LED table lamp are made from clear acrylic, which incorporates small bubbles. These bubbles look like little diamonds when...

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Cosmo slim LED pendant light with flair

Cosmo – a great LED pendant light The slim, one-bulb Cosmo pendant light is a real eye-catcher wherever it is placed thanks to the bubbles which adorn the inside of the clear acrylic lampshade. The clear...

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Crystal hanging light Ariadna in champagne colour

Crystal hanging light Ariadna in champagne colour The Ariadna series belongs to the high-end crystal hanging lights. Thus, this version of the Ariadna series comes with a metal body, and with the curved...

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Crystal hanging light Ariadna in clear look, 66 cm

Elegant crystal hanging light Ariadna The crystal hanging light Ariadna adds elegance to the apartment, where it is certainly an eye-catcher in every room. The chandelier is made of a metal body, and a...

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Crystal LED wall light DIAMOND

The LED-wall light DIAMOND with a lampshade made of crystals The wall light DIAMOND radiates a very special shine in the room: Its lampshade consists of countless square crystals, which emit the light...

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Cube - LED ceiling light, four double lampshades

Cube - four-bulb LED ceiling lamp with double lampshades A modern, linear design and four double lampshades made of glass - the Cube LED ceiling light, which owes its name to the cube-shaped, white glass...

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Cubic - a small wall light with clear glass

Modern Cubic wall light with clear glass The lampshade is made from thick, clear glass, which projects upwards and downwards, and sits in a glossy chrome-plated wall bracket. A G9 bulb is placed in the...

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Dana - LED ceiling light with glass crystals

Dana - a ceiling light with large crystals and hanging elements The Dana LED ceiling light is made of metal and stainless steel and is fitted with large, angular, faceted glass crystals all around to form...

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Deco - a floor lamp with an elegant design

Deco – a floor lamp offering an elegant combination of materials The Deco floor lamp looks both elegant and decorative. This appearance is not just owed to the shape and design; rather it is also thanks...

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Designer ceiling light Bruma

Brilliant ceiling light Bruma with decorative crystal hangings The ceiling light Bruma is an absolute eye-catcher on every ceiling. The frame and portions of the lampshade are made of glossy chrome-plated...

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Designer wall light Domo + elegant chrome elements

Wall light Domo in luxurious design The wall light Domo may be an ordinary wall light when considering only the semi-circular fabric shade. The glossy chrome elements, which hang down from the centre of...

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