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Anteo - LED hanging light with crystal elements

Anteo sparkling LED hanging light Differently shaped crystals hang from the Anteo LED linear pendant light. Integrated into the brown-black iron tube, which forms the frame of the light, are four warm...

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ANTOSA torch-shaped wall light 60 cm high

ANTOSA - torch-shaped wall light in black and chrome with glass lampshade ANTOSA is made of metal and designed in the shape of a wall torch. Its shaft is painted with black lacquer and the wall mount as...

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Beautiful LIVING ELEGANT wall light

LIVING ELEGANT cosy wall light with gold leaf Whether your apartment has a classic style or a modern look: The LIVING ELEGANT wall light is a real eye-catcher. This is due, not least, to its bright colours....

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CHALET floral ceiling light with glass tulips

CHALET - multi-bulb ceiling light with decorative elements The CHALET ceiling light is a decorative and at the same time gentle light source. The light manufactured by MENZEL Leuchten has a brown-black...

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CHALET floral wall light with glass tulips

CHALET - decorated wall light with opal glass The wall mount and frame of the CHALET wall light are made of metal and painted in rustic black-brown. The tulip-shaped opal glass lampshades are attached...

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CHATEAU forged wall light

Delicate CHATEAU wall light as an additional light source Most of the lights manufactured by MENZEL Leuchten are made carefully by hand to meet the highest standards of individuality and quality. The CHATEAU...

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CHATEAU hand-forged wall light

CHATEAU - rustic wall light with hand-forged torch The wall mount and frame of the rustic CHATEAU wall light are hand-forged and made of metal. The brown-black colouration completes the rustic look. The...

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Classic YEAR 1900 ceiling light

Stylish Year 1900 ceiling light The conical shape and the elegant opal glass make the Year 1900 ceiling light something special. The light is distributed evenly through the glazed lampshade, thus supporting...

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COUNTRY candle chandelier with halogen spotlight

COUNTRY - candle chandelier for a harmonious ambience The stylish COUNTRY candle chandelier provides a romantic flair. The design of the light consists of black-coloured metal, which leads from the suspension...

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COUNTRY wall light for indirect light

Use the COUNTRY wall light to create a cosy atmosphere If comfort is the focus, the COUNTRY wall light can perfectly round off any furnishing style. This light with its rustic design was handmade by the...

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COUNTRY wall light with roof shingle

COUNTRY - wall light made from a roofing shingle The lampshade of the COUNTRY wall light consists of a hand-beaten Tyrolean roof shingle. The frame is made from iron and painted black. The light bulb emits...

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Donna decorative LED hanging light

With two separate light groups: Donna LED hanging light Elegant metal arms, with LEDs attached to their ends, are wrapped around the gold leaf body of the Donna LED hanging light. The main light of the...

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Elegant ANTOSA wall torch, 41 cm high

Exceptional ANTOSA wall light with many fine details The shape of the ANTOSA wall light resembles a torch. It is made of metal and has a black painted shaft. The wall mount as well as the chic metal elements,...

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Enchanting PROVENCE CHALET hanging light

Decorate your room with the PROVENCE CHALET hanging light PROVENCE CHALET is both a light and a decoration at the same time. This light source is handmade by the manufacturer MENZEL Leuchten. The light...

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Enchanting PROVENCE CHALET hanging light, 3-bulb

Provence Chalet hanging light in country-house style The enchanting Provence Chalet hanging light features an extraordinary design with metal, opal glass, and ceramics. The playfully curved metal frame...

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Enchanting PROVENCE CHALET wall light

Provence Chalet wall light made of iron This stylish wall light perfectly accentuates living rooms decorated in a country-house style. This is due to the curved frame made of iron, which is decorated with...

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Extraordinary LIVING ELEGANT floor lamp

The LIVING ELEGANT floor lamp creates cosy lighting It is ideally suited for a creating of a cosy atmosphere. This floor lamp has a wide, red lampshade, which gently emits the light onto the wall. The...

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Flat wall light SMALL, rust/gold

Subtle wall light Small In rust and gold with a diameter of only 12 cm, the Small wall light is particularly well-suited for providing discreet additional lighting in living rooms and corridors. With Small...

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Flexible PUSTA hanging light, smoked glass shade

Height-adjustable PUSTA hanging light in country-house style With the PUSTA hanging light in brown-anthracite with a beautiful smoked glass lampshade, every table can be perfectly illuminated, even tables...

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Floral inspired Living table lamp

Living table lamp with floral ceramic base The elegant Living table lamp provides additional lighting to bless your living areas with dignity. The white dragged lacquer lampshade with dark red edges decorates...

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Florence Antique - ornate hanging light

Decorated with gold leaf: Florence Antique hanging light Florence Antique is a hanging light with five scavo smoked glass lampshades. Hand-forged leaves that have been refined through the use of gold leaf...

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Florence floor lamp with gold leaf decoration

Attractive Florence floor lamp with beautiful frame The Florence floor lamp is visually striking with its elegant metal design and gold leaf decoration. It adds a beautiful accent to living areas. The...

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Florence table lamp in Florentine style

Pretty Florence table lamp with gold leaf frame and scavo smoked glass The Florence table lamp fascinates with its elegant metal design and gold leaf decoration. It adds a striking accent to living areas....

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Florence two-bulb wall light

Florence wall light with scavo smoked glass The Florence two-bulb wall light is a truly beautiful sight: Forged work in the Florentine style can still be admired today in many Italian palaces. The gold...

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Gold-coloured wall light SMALL

SMALL indirect wall light The SMALL wall light is particularly well-suited for corridors, but also looks great in living areas. It is made of metal and covered by hand with gold leaf and an application...

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Height adjustable Pusta hanging light

Pusta hanging light with rise and fall mechanism suspension The Pusta hanging light provides atmospheric lighting for the creation of cosy ambience over a square table, for example. Its height can be adjusted...

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Impressive 14-bulb hanging light STELLA

Impressive STELLA hanging light with 14 scavo glass lampshades Thanks to its beautiful shape and colour, the STELLA hanging light has a very special effect. 14 beautifully curved arms extend from the middle...

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Impressive CHATEAU hanging light, 12-bulb

CHATEAU 12-bulb hanging light with four additional LEDs The CHATEAU hanging light with its black-brown extraordinarily shaped metal frame very effectively illuminates even large dining tables. Twelve white...

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Impressive SORENT wall light

Elegant SORENT wall light with gold leaf decoration SORENT looks elegant and decorative thanks to its beautifully decorated frame made of iron that has been covered in gold leaf. With the SORENT wall light,...

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Interesting CHATEAU floor lamp

CHATEAU - special floor lamp in the country-house style The base and metal frame of the exceptional CHATEAU floor lamp are made of metal and painted in black-brown. A white opal glass, which completes...

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