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3-bulb hanging light SIBERIA

Decorative SIBERIA hanging light with frosted glass lampshades Charming, stylish and natural – meet the three-bulb SIBERIA hanging light with its silver-coloured steel structure. The sockets, which have...

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Artica ceiling light with Murano glass

Artica – an artistically decorated ceiling light with gold-plating and Murano glass Soft lines and winding, almost dancing arms combine to create an artistic ceiling light with a design shaped by both...

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Artistic LED hanging light VIE EN ROSE

Magnificent VIE EN ROSE crystal hanging light with LEDs The VIE EN ROSE LED hanging light is decorative and magnificent, and features a white-gold-coloured finish. A complex metal structure comprises numerous...

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Artistic wall light Gioiello

Extraordinary Gioiello wall light in a diamond shape Three asymmetrically arranged diamonds in a wonderfully curved and rounded shape make this wall light what it is. They are made of fine, bronze-coloured...

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Beautifully shaped hanging light SIBERIA

Enchanting Siberia hanging light with silver steel and frosted glass lampshade The Siberia hanging light stands out thanks to its elegant and decorative design. It comprises a simply shaped conical lampshade....

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Beautifully shaped table lamp Opera

High-quality OPERA table lamp with a Swarovski stone Classic, magnificent and yet modern – meet the OPERA table lamp. The laser-cut metal element with lovely adornment snakes around the frame and lends...

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Beautifully shaped wall light Galassia, rust

Futuristic Galassia wall light The Galassia wall light creates an interesting look with its round, balanced shape and attractive metal elements. The white glass lampshade emits even lighting to create...

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Beautifully shaped wall light Galassia, white

Futuristic Galassia wall light The Galassia wall light creates an interesting look with its round, balanced shape and attractive metal elements. The white glass lampshade emits even lighting to create...

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Beautifully shaped wall light Gotica

Two-bulb Gotica wall light with Swarovski rhinestones Artistic workmanship, a high-quality Swarovski crystal and a harmonious composition. The Gotica wall light is an artistic combination of metal and...

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Beautifully shaped wall light PARURE

Florentine style PARURE wall light with Murano glass The PARURE wall light combines elegance with the highest quality materials and precise workmanship. PARURE is a wall light in the Florentine style and...

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Cashmere refined wall light

With an eye for detail: the Cashmere wall light with a striking lampshade The Cashmere wall light impresses as a jewel in any modern interior. It is perfect for those who seek refinement in simplicity....

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Ceiling light Marrakech in gold look

Luxurious Marrakech ceiling light to suit refined tastes The impressive Marrakech ceiling light looks a little like a large, flat balloon. The pattern is made up of various different components. The gold-coloured...

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Ceiling light Opera with Swarovski elements

Charming Opera ceiling light with Swarovski rhinestone crystals Perfectly formed Italian craftsmanship, artistic design and high-quality materials – meet the Opera crystal ceiling light. The silver-coloured,...

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Chandelier Artica with Murano glass

Fantastic Artica chandelier made of the most elegant Murano glass with a magical flair The Artica chandelier looks like it is made of ice crystals – its elegant appearance is so permeable, white and...

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Charming floor lamp SIBERIA

Natural-looking SIBERIA floor lamp with frosted glass lampshade Charming, stylish and natural – meet the SIBERIA floor lamp with its silver-coloured steel frame. The beautifully shaped metal element,...

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Classic Mediterranean hanging light Tuscania

Attractive Tuscania hanging light with bowl-shaped glass lampshade Tuscania combines white glass with gold-coloured, refined metal to produce a harmonious and expressive look. The large, glass lampshade...

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Corinto gold-plated chandelier with Murano glass

Playful elegance with Murano glass and LEDs: the gold-plated Corinto chandelier The finely curved, filigree shapes of the Corinto chandelier ooze elegance and charm, and lend the overall appearance a real...

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Crystal chandelier OPERA 16-bulb, D 120 cm

Striking Opera chandelier with 16 bulbs and Swarovski crystals The Opera chandelier has a striking appearance. Handmade in Italy, it immediately catches the eye thanks to its elegant, wave-shaped metal...

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Decorative hanging light Fontana

Nine-bulb Fontana hanging light with fine details Fontana has a calming effect on the room in question and its inhabitants. This is owed both to its design and the shallow light it emits. Wonderful flowers...

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Decorative wall light SIBERIA

Two-bulb SIBERIA wall light with frosted glass lampshades The attractive SIBERIA wall light provides atmospheric lighting for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and hallways thanks to its two white,...

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Delicate wall light Marrakech with silver leaf

Extravagant Marrakech wall light with silver leaf and Murano glass Mussel-like in shape, delicate in design – the Marrakech wall light is a fascinating lighting accessory with a decorative function....

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Designer hanging light Oasi

Elegant Oasi hanging light with one lampshade made of leaves The grand and individual-looking Oasi hanging light comes in the shape of palm leaves. The white leaves have been made from plaster in a time-consuming...

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Elegant LED wall light Twist

Artistic Twist LED wall light Two metal elements with a silver-coloured finish combine on the Twist LED wall light to create a lovely shape and to screen the light emitted to produce indirect lighting....

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Extraordinary table lamp Phoenix

Attractive Phoenix table lamp in black/white The unusual Phoenix table lamp is a decorative and individual element that is certain to create a striking accent in a wide range of interiors. A winding, anthracite-coloured...

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Extravagant ceiling light Phoenix

Artistic Phoenix ceiling light, two-bulb Phoenix has an exceptionally artistic design and wears its name with pride. Its anthracite-coloured, wonderfully-shaped metal provides the connection to the legendary...

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five-bulb ceiling light SIBERIA

High-quality SIBERIA ceiling light with frosted glass lampshades The representative SIBERIA ceiling light can be used to create atmospheric lighting in a variety of rooms in the home. The etched, gold-coloured...

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Florentia ceiling light in Florentine style

Florentia – a ceiling light with Murano glass that has been inspired by nature The filigree arms of Florentia spread in all directions to create an elegant ceiling light that has been inspired by Florentine...

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Florentia floor lamp with Murano glass flowers

Enchanting Florentia floor lamp with Murano glass Nature lovers will treasure this wonderful light. It oozes a special charm thanks to its Murano glass flowers. The filigree arms of the light have been...

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Florentine ceiling light Fontana

Five-bulb Fontana ceiling light with a turbulent design This ceiling light has a truly unique design. Wonderful glass flowers appear to have been caught up in a tornado. The result is a fantastic design...

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Glamorous wall light OPERA

High-quality OPERA wall light with Swarovski hanging This wall light from the OPERA range is magnificent and elegant. With its two candle bulbs, OPERA does not just provide atmospheric and very elegant...

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