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Gourmet Gold Duo Duck and Turkey

Treat pampered pussy cats to the delicious taste of high-quality meat with Gourmet Gold Duo Duck and Turkey.

Gourmet Perle Cat Food Chefs Collection Mixed

Sophisticated cats can be fussy eaters, meaning truly tempting recipes can be difficult to find. However, each one of Gourmet Perle's meals is made to a delicate recipe to tempt every palate, making yielding...

Gourmet Perle Connoisseurs Collection 12 Pack

Specially formulated to keep you kitty cat in tippy top shape, this 12 pack of Gourmet Perle Connoisseurs Collection is sure to provide enough nutritional value to your friendly feline.

Gourmet Perle Ocean Delicacies in Gravy x12

Purina Gourmet Perle Ocean Delicacies in Gravy contains a variety of luscious meals that your cat will love to devour.

Gourmet Solitaire Turkey in Sauce

For a truly tasty meal that your feline friend will love, try Gourmet Solitaire. Premium fillets of turkey are slowly cooked in a succulent, rich and thick sauce to provide an irresistibly delicious meal.

Gourmet Solitare Beef in Tomato Sauce

Gourmet Solitaire Beef in Tomato Sauce is a delicious combination of succulent beef meat in rich and tempting tomato sauce.

Gourmet Solitare Chicken in White Sauce

Gourmet Solitare Chicken in White Sauce is a special treat for your feline friends!