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CareFree Floor Emulsion 5 Litre (2 Pack)

Floor emulsion for a mid gloss finish. Triple polymer formulation for shine. 18% solids content. Resistant to scuffs and dirt. Ideal for floors with heavy foot traffic. Suitable for manual and machine...

CareFree Mop and Shine Floor Polish 5 Litre (2 Pack)

2-in-1 floor polish and maintainer. Ideal for manual use on smaller areas. Suitable for use on all sealed floor types, including sealed linoleum and sealed wood. Cleans, protects and polishes in one application....

Diversey Room Care R1-Plus Toilet Cleaner 1.5 Litre (2 Pack)

Toilet cleaner from Diversey. Thick formulation. Pouch slots easily into dispenser. For use with Divermite dosing system. Accurate dosing reduces product consumption and waste. 1.5 litres per pouch. Pack...

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Diversey Room Care R2 Hard Surface Cleaner 750ml (6 Pack)

Cleaner for hard surfaces. Diversey branded product. Accurate dosing reduces product consumption and waste. Can be used on a variety of surfaces. Concentrated, ready to use formula. Pack of 6 x 750ml trigger...

Diversey Room Care R3 Multisurface and Glass Cleaner 750ml (6 Pack)

Cleaner for glass, stainless steel and more. Leaves a streak-free finish. Accurate dosing reduces product consumption and waste. Diversey branded product. 750ml per spray. Pack of 6 trigger sprays.

Diversey Room Care R9 Bathroom Cleaner 750ml (6 Pack)

Multipurpose cleaner for bathrooms. Diversey branded product. Safe and yet powerful. Concentrated, ready to use formula. Pack of 6 x 750ml trigger sprays.

Diversey SmartDose MultiPurpose D2.3 Kitchen Cleaner 1.4 - 7517316

Multipurpose kitchen cleaner. Can be used in 750ml trigger sprays or 5 litre buckets. Creates 350 trigger sprays or 56 sink fills. Cleans quickly. Suitable for a range of surfaces. 1.4 litres per bottle....

Diversey Suma Grill D9 Oven Cleaner 2 Litre (6 Pack)

Powerful oven cleaner for commercial use. Can also be used to clean grills. Makes light work of grease and grime. Powerful alkali cleaning action. 2 litre bottle. Pack of 6.

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Diversey Suma Max D9.2 Oven and Grill Cleaner 2 Litre (6 Pack)

Non-corrosive oven and grill cleaner. Powerful alkaline detergent removes stubborn carbonated soils. Ideal for ovens, grills, salamanders and fryers. Non-classified and safe to use with a foaming trigger...

Diversey Suma Scale D5.2 Descaler 5 Litre (2 Pack)

Descaler for cleaning kitchen equipment. Descales utensils, dishwashers, kettles and more. Removes limescale and cleans as it works. Diversey branded product. 5 litres per bottle. Pack of 2.

Diversey Taski Jontec 300 Pur-Eco Floor Cleaner 1.4 Litre

SmartDose cleaner for floors. Neutralises odour. Low foam for less mess. Provides excellent results at low dosage. Capacity: 1.4 litre.

Good Sense Breakdown 5 Litre (2 Pack)

Enzyme based odour neutraliser. Uses detergents and bacterial cultures to break down organic matter. Contains odour neutralising technology. Can be used to remove stubborn odours from carpets. Supplied...

Johnson Diversey Enhance Specialist Carpet Spot and

Convenient, ready to use trigger spray for both emergencies and pre treatment. Unique formula - one solution to all common water and oil based spots and stains. Neutrafresh technology destroys unpleasant...

Oxivir Excel Foam Disinfectant 750ml (6 Pack)

Disinfectant for a variety of cleaning applications. Effective against bacteria, viruses and yeast in as little as 30 seconds. Can also be used for descaling and lime limitation. Complies with EN1276,...

Soft Care Foam Soap H2 0.7 Litres (6 Pack)

Luxurious foaming handwash. Ideal for frequent use. Foaming for longer lasting cleaning. Contains a light fragrance. For use with the Soft Care dispenser. 700ml refills. Supplied in pack of 6.

Suma Grill Cleaner D9 750ml (6 Pack)

Suitable for use on ovens and grills. Can also be diluted and used to clean fryers. Powerful alkali action removes even heavy soiling. Handy spray bottle. Supplied in a pack of 6.