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Alena brass ceiling light with a glass lampshade

Antique-looking Alena ceiling light made of brass The Alena ceiling light has a very classic and slightly antique appearance. It consists of an attractively shaped ceiling canopy made of coloured brass...

Alena matt nickel ceiling light

Alena attractive ceiling light with a white glass lampshade The Alena ceiling light has a metal, matt nickel coloured bracket and a white-coloured glass lampshade. The light’s shape is reminiscent of...

ALFRED wall light with antique appearance

Alfred easy-care wall light made of brass The ALFRED model is a wall light that has been designed in brass and it operated using a chain pull. This lamp was created using old templates from the 1900s,...

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Alwine brass floor lamp two-bulb

ALWINE art nouveau floor lamp The ALWINE floor lamp, based on old models from around 1900, is equipped with a reading arm and uplighter. It is predominantly composed of brass pieces, put together by hand...

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Anja hanging light matt nickel

Classic living room and dining room lighting with the Anja hanging light The Anja hanging light has a captivating timelessness. The white, glossy, glass lampshade is kept to a classic shape. The bracket...

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ANNI handmade ceiling light, brass

Anni classic brass ceiling light with brass fixture The Anni ceiling light is a simply-designed light, reminiscent of an upturned umbrella. It was inspired by lights that were produced during the early...

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ANNI handmade ceiling light, nickel

ANNI antique-style ceiling light The ANNI model is a ceiling light with a short suspension system. It was made to imitate lighting models from the 1900s, and is hand-produced. The predominant components...

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ARNO multi-bulb hanging light handmade

ARNO extravagant hanging light with brass chain The ARNO hanging light offers everything that a striking ceiling light should. In total, there are ten lights that are fixed on playfully-arranged mountings....

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Athens intricate wall light

Classical and perfectly-formed - Athens wall light with vertical wall mount The beautiful Athens wall light echoes memories of art nouveau. The vertical wall mount, with an arm and made of Berlin brass,...

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Berlin classic brass wall light

Berlin imposing brass wall light with torch effect The Berlin brass wall light captivates through its imposing design. The lampshade, which is opal white in colour, and hand-blown and cut, has a very unusual...

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Bernd hanging light made of brass

The Bernd hanging light: height-adjustable lighting with components in a classic style Classic models from the 1900s era gave rise to the design of the Bernd hanging light. It unites the technical design...

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Bill - a ceiling light made of Berlin brass

Bill easy-care ceiling light with high luminous efficiency The Bill model is a ceiling light that lights up the space particularly well. The Berlin brass base is united harmoniously with the hand-blown...

Boris wall light made of brass

Boris simple wall light with classical appearance The Boris model is a wall light that is simple and classic in equal measures. Recreated in the style of a light from the 1900s, the hand-blown glass has...

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Carolin embellished table lamp made of brass

The Carolin table lamp: perfectly formed brass for a classic living ambience Classic models from the 1900s gave rise to the Carolin table lamp. Its trademarks are the elegantly curved lampshade, fitted...

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Classic Harry ceiling light, diameter 30 cm

Round Harry ceiling light with a glossy white glass lampshade The Harry ceiling light was created on the basis of old models from the period around 1900. It is handmade, predominantly from pure brass elements....

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D99-115 op B ceiling light, opal glass lampshade

D99-115 op B - classic ceiling light with a spherical opal glass lampshade This D99-115 op B ceiling light has a traditional design based on old models from the period around 1900. The frame is made of...

EDGAR brass wall light with chain pull

EDGAR antique wall light with classical chain pull The EDGAR wall light impresses with its classic and comperatively minimalistic look. It gets its special appearance thanks to the brass-coloured embellishments...

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Elisabeth intricate table lamp

Elisabeth outstanding table lamp made of Berlin brass The Elisabeth model is a table lamp with an outstanding design. It was created following a light model from the early 20th century. The domed glass...

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Ella antique-designed wall light made of brass

Ella - a first class wall light with antique look High quality material and the finest workmanship are hallmarks of the Ella wall light. It was designed with a beautiful shape, made of high-quality brass...

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Emma height-adjustable hanging light

The Emma hanging light: simple enchantment with practical rise and fall mechanism Classic models from the 1900s inspired the design of the Emma hanging light. The two lampshades made of hand-blown glass...

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Ernst table lamp - practically adjustable

Ernst flexible table lamp with traditional functioning Thanks to its rotatable body, the Ernst table lamp offers the opportunity to focus on and light up individual objects. The light’s slender appearance...

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EWALD hanging light made of Berlin brass

EWALD stylish hanging light with brass features The EWALD hanging light boasts striking flourishes with a high degree of attention to detail, which can be found on the upper part of the light. Upon close...

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Frank brass wall light

Frank perfectly formed wall light with round, hand-blown cameo glass The handsome wall light Frank is distinguished by its beautiful opal white cameo glass on a brass fixture created with intricate detail....

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Frank table lamp with antique/rustic appearance

Frank rustic table lamp with simple appearance The Frank table lamp has an impressive, striking glass lampshade that almost forms one half of a sphere, shaping the head of the light. The glass shade’s...

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Gerrit wall light with antique mount

Gerrit antiquated wall light with playful design The Gerrit wall light produces an undulating appearance thanks to the elaborately curved shapes, which invites many admiring looks. A classic design is...

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Gina wall light made of brass

Gina unusual wall light, rich in detail The Gina wall light is a rather unusual eye-catcher, mostly thanks to its interesting and elaborate shapes. Upon closer inspection, flower-like compositions can...

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GITA banker's lamp made of polished brass

GITA authentic banker's lamp The GITA banker's lamp lends a special accent to living rooms or even office rooms. It can also provide that certain something when placed in a hotel room. The material used...

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Gregory wall light made of brass

Gregory - a wall light of high quality brass craftsmanship with functionality Classic models from the 1900s served as inspiration during the development of the Gregory wall light and lend it its characteristic...

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Greta table lamp made of brass

Greta exquisite table lamp made of top-quality brass The Greta table lamp is recreated in the style of the classical lights from the end of the 19th century. The brass colour and the white lampshade produce...

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Gretchen wall light with antique mount

The Gretchen wall light: beautiful country cottage visuals with antique charm Classic models from the 1900s served as inspiration during the development of the Gretchen wall light. The lampshade made of...

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