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Berger & Schroeter 5Lights LED (monochrome) Cap light battery-powered 30798

Attach - done, super bright in the close range, always free hand!Easy attachment to shield cap, construction helmet, baseball cap, hat etc. possible.This text is machine translated.

Berger & Schroeter Police LED (monochrome) Torch battery-powered 180 lm 129 g

With the Police you have a robust and luminous torch for home and on the way. This text is machine translated.

Berger & Schroeter UV 395-400 nm UV LED Torch Wrist strap battery-powered 95 g

For curing (drying) special, solvent-free, UV-sensitive printing inks, UV-hardable paints, UV adhesives, optical products, light-curing plastics for modeling artificial fingernails, for repairing discs...