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1001 3 in 1 Carpet Machine Shampoo

Keep your carpets clean and fresh with the brilliant 1001 Carpet Shampoor from WD 40. It is specially designed for removing deep dirt and stains on your carpets. Specifically designed for top brand carpet...

1001 Carpet Fresh - Fresh Linen and White Flowers

This 1001 Carpet Fresh is a fantastic carpet freshener which safely eliminates trapped and hidden odours with no need to vacuum. Simply apply the light, quick-drying spray onto carpets, and wait for...

1001 Carpet Shampoo

The gentle formula of this brilliant 1001 Carpet Shampoo from WD 40 means that you can remove deep dirt and stains on your carpets without worrying about causing damage with aggressive ingredients. Leaving...

1001 Carpet Shampoo 450ml - 86475

Suitable for tackling large areas of carpet or upholstery. Works its magic deep-down into the fibres. The unique Fibreshield Polymer ingredient leaves a protective shield. Completely safe.

1001 Mousse

Keep your home sparkling clean and smelling fresh with the 1001 Mousse from the well-known brand WD40. This fantastic spray is perfect for lifting dried on dirt and stubborn stains. This easy-to-use,...

1001 Pet Troubleshooter

This 1001 Pet Troubleshooter is a fantastic carpet cleaner which safely eliminates stains and odours trapped within carpet fibres. The unique antibacterial formula gently sinks deep-down into fabrics to...

1001 Spruce and Clean 500ml - 86477

Designed to work on any surface. Completely safe. Can be used neat damp cloth or sponge to produce great results.

1001 Troubleshooter Stain Remover

Keep your carpets clean and fresh with the brilliant 1001 Troubleshoorter Stain Remover from the well-known brand WD 40. This stain remover has been specially formulated to quickly and effectively tackle...

1001 Trouble Shooter Trigger 500ml - 86489

500ml Trigger Bottle. For use on Carpets. Neutralises Odours. Safe to be used on any Carpet Material. Suitable for Removing Stains.